“We have worked directly with OTSI on projects as well as seen the results of projects they have done for other (much larger) companies. Their work is always of the highest quality and delivered on time, even in the face of significant requirements changes on the part of their clients.” – Oxford Computer Group “For so many years, my days have started with lists of what I owe to OTSI! I have been so fortunate to work with each of you. I have always been impressed with your incredible talents, unending patience and, of course, your humor! It has been a pleasure.” – Project Editor, Microsoft Press
“You are awesome…thank you so much for everything that you do.  I am honored to work with women who are so willing to go the extra mile to get things just right.” “I may get the credit here, but it was you that made my text readable…” – Author of STC Distinguished award-winning book
“It has been a pleasure working with you…I hope we get to work together again on the series of industry solution books I’ll be managing next. It is so fantastic (and such a relief) to work with people who understand that details matter!” – Managing Editor, Microsoft Dynamics “Common theme in Redmond, on both the Microsoft and O’Reilly sides: ‘We just don’t know how we’d get the Training Kits done if not for Kathy and OTSI!'” – Senior Production Editor, O’Reilly Media
“I wanted to take a moment to thank each of you for all of the wonderful years we have worked together and all the many difficult projects we have managed to pull off. I’ve always felt like OTSI was a part of the Microsoft Press family, so much more than ‘just a vendor’.” – Managing Editor, Microsoft Press