Steve Lambert, Founder & CTO


Steve started playing with computers in the mid-seventies. As computers evolved from wire-wrap and solder to consumer products, he evolved from hardware geek to programmer and writer.

Steve has written or co-written 18 books on developing technologies, including Presentation Graphics on the Apple Macintosh, Creative Programming in Microsoft Basic, CD-ROM: The New Papyrus, and Internet Basics: Your Online Access to the Global Electronic Superhighway. Steve is also the author of Built by Anhalt, a biographical exploration into the life and architecture of the famed Seattle architect Fred Anhalt.

Steve has specialized for many years in the conversion of content from one format to another, including projects such as the Microsoft Programmer’s Library in 1988 and the conversion of the 25-volume Funk & Wagnalls Encyclopedia for the initial Encarta CD-ROM. He has created several content authoring and delivery systems, including those used by the Microsoft Mastering Series, the Quick Course Series, and numerous pubStudio titles published by Microsoft and several US government agencies. He is a strong advocate of good template design and of using VBA automation to smooth out the conversion, assembly, formatting, and validation of content for delivery via print, ebook, or web.