Leadership Team

Meet some of the key members of our team!

Joan Lambert, President & CEO

Joan has worked closely with Microsoft technologies since 1986, and in the training and certification industry since 1997. As President and CEO of OTSI, Joan guides the translation of technical information and requirements into useful, relevant, and measurable resources for people who are seeking certification of their computer skills or who simply want to know … Continue reading Joan Lambert, President & CEO

Steve Lambert, Founder & CTO

Steve started playing with computers in the mid-seventies. As computers evolved from wire-wrap and solder to consumer products, he evolved from hardware geek to programmer and writer. Steve has written or co-written 18 books on developing technologies, including Presentation Graphics on the Apple Macintosh, Creative Programming in Microsoft Basic, CD-ROM: The New Papyrus, and Internet … Continue reading Steve Lambert, Founder & CTO

Jaime Odell, Editorial Manager

Jaime started her publishing career at OTSI in 2001, testing ebooks and formatting documents. Under the tutelage of Joan Lambert and Joyce Cox, she soon expanded her skills to include copyediting, proofreading, and project management. In her years as an OTSI employee, she has enjoyed learning about and watching the progression of technology, and has … Continue reading Jaime Odell, Editorial Manager

Kathy Krause, Senior Project Editor

Kathy has been in the publishing business since 1982, starting as a typesetter for a tiny publishing firm in Indianapolis. In the late 1980s she joined the editorial staff of Osborne/McGraw-Hill in Berkeley, California, and began her career in the new computer book industry. Finding the combination of technical content and editorial craftsmanship irresistible, she … Continue reading Kathy Krause, Senior Project Editor