America’s Finest Publishing Team

home-page-imageThe OTSI team has designed, created, and produced technical content since the 1990s. We began by specializing in Microsoft Office and Windows training products for information workers and home computer users. We then expanded our skillset to include technical training, courseware, and certification products.

Over the past two decades, we have had the pleasure of working with software developers, subject matter experts, and project managers around the world to bring their ideas and solutions to their audience in the form of books, ebooks, courseware, and certification materials.

We work closely with clients to identify needs, implement solutions, and achieve maximum productivity. We are known as a company of integrity and vision. Our clients consider us a valuable partner and provider of unparalleled service, technology, and support. We are efficient, enthusiastic, and committed to client satisfaction, and we work together with our clients to ensure the timely completion of projects.

Our clients include not only technical book publishers, but also academic content publishers, exam designers, training video producers, and web content providers.


As creators and producers of books and training, OTSI is first and foremost a team of experienced professionals driven to bringing our best to every task.